• Enjoy Sharper Images
    • Resolution is optimized for your viewing experience. When selected, videos stream at full resolution. When viewing the camera grid, resolution is adjusted to improve page speed and to optimize bandwidth.
  • Quickly Build Custom Views
    • Customize your viewing experience by easily adding or removing specific cameras from your Live View grid using multi-select, bulk actions.
  • Responsive Camera Grid
    • Previously, MyDTT allowed users to view 6 cameras per page. Now, a user can adjust their browser window to display additional camera views on one page.
    • For more information, Watch this video


  • MyDTT™ Email Update
    • Change your account email address from the My Account section.
  • Store Location Names
    • Store locations can be uniquely named/labelled (i.e. “Brand 123” can include a label such as “Main St. Dallas Store”); this is available within Live View, RISA/RISA+, and SmartAudit Dashboard Ranks.
  • SmartAudit™ Dashboard
    • Actions Taken section includes more detail.
    • SmartAudits™ can be search based on Incident or Violation type.
    • The Remote Incident Support Archiving feature has been moved from Loss Prevention/Case Management to the homepage.
  • The CloudQuery™
    • Dashboard now includes charts/graphs relating to preset filters for transactions and receipts.


  • Bookmarking
    • Similar to bookmarking on web browsers, this feature can be used throughout the site to save frequently visited pages for easy access.
  • Last Pages Viewed
    • The last 15 pages viewed within the last 24 hours on the portal are featured on the homepage.


  • CloudQuery Launch
    • Latest updated to Enterprise Query tool allowing for enterprise-wide POS search tied to video.
    • Completed integrations include Aloha, MICROS, Radiant, SICOM, Xpient.
  • Off-Site Storage PLUS Launch
    • 90 day storage option made live.
  • Investigation Sharing
    • Provide access to investigations (including video or files) to non-MyDTT users.
  • RISAPLUS Launch
    • View incident videos directly in MyDTT™ via all platforms.
  • MyDTT™ Log In
    • Login now possible using email address versus username.
  • VPN Access
    • Username and password created for VPN is now the same as the username/password used to access MyDTT.


  • Multi-Camera Playback
    • View multiple playback streams simultaneously from your Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Inactivity Auto-Logout
    • Your account will be logged out automatically for safety after the specified length of time configured under "My Account".


  • SmartLinks
    • Click on SmartAudit snapshots to view corresponding video footage.
  • Time Zone Updates
    • All notifications (SCREAM, Support Tickets, VSM Alerts) now appear in your preferred time zone.


  • Login Usage Reporting
    • Monitor who is logging in to MyDTT and when. Reports are available for download.
  • Bandwidth Usage & Reporting
    • Bar graph indicates how much bandwidth is being used at the store and at what level of performance. Information is available for download.
  • Team + Custom Report Auto Sync New Locations
    • Automatically sync new locations to specific teams or custom reports.
  • Enterprise Query Reporting Group Filtering
    • Teams marked as a Reporting Group can be used within enterprise query searches for easier data retrieval.


  • Enterprise Query Custom Reports
    • Create custom reports based on specific exceptions/locations.


  • Mac Playback
    • View live & recorded video on this device.


  • Android Playback
    • View recorded video on these devices.
  • SCREAM™ Tool Launch
    • Customer feedback tool made live.


  • iOS & Android Playback View cameras live on these devices.
  • Mac Alternate Playback
    • View cameras live on these devices.


  • Streaming Video Resource Limiter
    • Management feature that allows DTIQ to remotely throttle the maximum number of streaming video connections for bandwidth preservation.


  • SmartAudit Video Search
    • Recorded Video page now accessible directly from the SmartAudit homepage.


  • SCREAM™ Tool (Beta) Launch
    • Customer feedback tool in test at various stores across the country.
  • New UI Layout
    • Addition of a new UI framework for a friendlier look and feel.


  • SmartAudit™ Dashboard
    • SmartAudit™ information now aggregated into easily viewable dashboard.


  • Reporting Groups
    • Teams may now be marked as a Reporting Group. This feature allows automatic selection on search forms of included locations for easier data retrieval.
  • Custom Quick Link Management
    • Each user may now create their own custom set of "Quick Links" for use in searching data in Enterprise Query.
  • Auto Rotate - Live View
    • Pages can be set to auto rotate (at 30, 60, and 90 second intervals) so that you can view multiple cameras over a short period of time.
  • Audit Follow Up
    • Allows addition of follow up action items tagged to each Audit for easier management of your internal responses.
  • Improved Audit Search
    • Addition of search items including score operations and follow up action searches.
  • Support Ticket CC
    • Add additional email recipients for all email communication with Support Tickets.


  • VSM Alerts (Monitoring System Health)
    • Setup alerts that will notify you if anything changes with your system health.
  • SMS Support - Two Factor Authentication
    • Request an SMS (text) message instead of phone call when using the Two Factor system.
  • Incidents - Case Management
    • Area for users to upload information about incidents that take place in the store.
  • VSM Trend Graphs
    • Graphs showing the trended status of their DVR's system health.


  • Support Tickets Expansion
    • Ability to view call-in tickets on MyDTT (in addition to tickets created on the site).
  • Survey Integration
    • Support tickets will email out a user-satisfaction survey for each closed ticket. These results are now viewable in the Support Tickets area.
  • Two Factor Authentication
    • Require a call to your cellphone whenever you login (or an authorized user tries to access your account).


  • Live View Updates
    • Full screen and audio options made available.
  • VSM Enhancements
    • Upgraded software (version 3) to improve accuracy of information sent from DVR to MyDTT.


  • Access Control Updates
    • New options created more permissions for teams (i.e. higher level of control).
  • Help Section Update
    • Refresh of Help Section to include instruction for new features.


  • Recorded Video Search
    • Allows playback of past recorded video by specifying a given date, time and camera.


  • DVR Recording Added to System Health
    • Identify what, if any, cameras are not recording in the system.
  • Case Management
    • Loss Prevention tool for customers to build and track their own investigative activities.
  • RISA Online
    • RISA requests can be submitted directly from MyDTT and videos made available directly on the site for download.
  • MyDTT Speed Increase
    • Increased system performance.